Tenant Screening

o   All of your tenant screening needs in one place.  Searchlink belongs to several Real Estate Investor groups and we pride ourselves with great relationship with our property management partners.  Our executive staff includes our own real estate investor which helps us understand more of the tenant screening needs from the client point of view. 

o   Common tenant screening products and services

o   Mix and match these and/or our other products (link to product page) for your custom package or package suite.

-  National Criminal Database with Validation *

-  Sex Offender Registry Search*

-  Government and Terrorist Watch List*

-  Credit History Report with FICO score *

-  National Evictions Search *

-  Employment Verification *

-  Reference Interviews *

-  SSN Trace and Validation *

-  County Criminal Records Search *

-  Federal Criminal Search *

-  County Civil Records Search *